Getting Ready - The Boys

So while the girls and I were getting ready in the dressing room, the boys gathered downstairs.

I definitely have to say that I do not regret booking the Lesner Inn for my wedding, but my only feedback is to create a space for the groom and groomsmen to hang out in before the ceremony. Mr. L and his groomsmen found themselves dressing in front of the guests that were arriving early. However they still had a little time to horse around!

And they finally decided to get ready.

Mr. L's Dad had a little advice for him.

Then his best man pulled him aside to cheese for the camera.

Finally we were ready to get started and the wedding party lined up.

All images courtesy of Trivium Studio.

Getting Ready - The Girls

Once we arrived at the Lesner Inn, we were ushered into the dressing room to change. But first... a shot of my dress (swoon... I would wear this to dinner at Denny's if I actually ate at Denny's...)

Then these fabulous ladies helped me into this beautiful thing.

My mother with the last little button.

We topped it off with my veil.

And my sister helped me put on my pearls. Side note: My sister lent me the diamond pendant that she wore on her pearls on her wedding day. It was passed down to her by our grandmother. 

And finally I was ready to go! I just needed a groom. 

All images courtesy of Trivium Studio.

Top 'O the Morning

The morning of our wedding was a quiet one. My final night as a single lady was spent with my bridesmaids. We woke up that morning and immediately had our make-up done. To save money I chose to skip a professional make-up artist. (Helpful tip) Instead we all hopped in the car and visited our local mall! Cheesy I know, but hey it saved us each $75 or more!

If you're looking to save money this way, consider making an appointment at a local Mac, Clinique, etc counter in a department store. I had had a trial run for my bridal portraits done at the Mac counter in Macy's at Lynnhaven Mall, so I knew that's where I would go. Clinique offers free make overs (with the hope that you will at least purchase one product), so you can get away with only paying $15 or so there. At Mac they do require you to spend $50, but I got some really great products for retouching throughout the evening (and to use after the wedding).

Afterwards, we headed to my parent's hotel to get ready and have our hair done by the talented Elissa Johnson.

Then we were off to the Lesner to get dressed! Eeeek! The show was about to begin!

Meanwhile back at the ranch... the boys got ready by watching the World Cup. That's about it!

All images courtesy of Trivium Studio.

Truly Honored - Our Wedding was featured on!

As if The Knot article wasn't enough! I recently found out we were featured on as a Real Wedding Album!! Amazing! I couldn't have done it without all of my fabulous vendors, especially Antonia Christianson Events and Trivium Studio. It was such a perfect day and I love reliving it all over again on Glamour.

Read the article here.

A Well Deserved Rehearsal Dinner

So where was I... ah yes, the Rehearsal Dinner.

After our rehearsal, we reconvened at our dinner location, Doc Taylor's on 23rd Street. If you're a local to Virginia Beach you're probably thinking "Doc Taylor's is the place to go for brunch!? Not for dinner." Doc Taylor's is the sister restuarnt to Tautogs next door. They allowed us rent out all of Doc Taylor's for a private party and I have to say it was so worth it! Great food, service and atmosphere. We wanted a laid back venue and more importantly, when it came down to picking, the location was key. We didn't want our guests to have to drive too far for a good meal.

We started with some mingling and drinks.

Then we watched our How We Met video.

Afterwards we gathered for dinner.
 I just love this photo of my father and his mother (my Mamie).

We laughed, we cried... we all had a great time! We couldn't have had a better pre-wedding evening. I thank my mother-in-law for a very warm reception. It was perfect! 

When the evening was over, Mr. L and I said goodnight in the hotel. The next time we would see each other would be at 6pm the next day.

I've been keeping a secret!

No I am not pregnant, nor do I have a child. You would think that if one goes MIA for 9 months that would be the case. Well fear not friendly followers! I will be honest... I found it very difficult to blog about the wedding after October. We are still together, happily married, and just celebrated our first anniversary (in June).

In the fall I found out that our wedding may or may not be featured in the media. At the time I did not know what kind of media or when it would be posted. A few months ago my dreams came true and my wedding planner, Antonia Christianson Events, contacted me about The Knot DC/MD/VA featuring our wedding in their upcoming Fall/Winter issue!! Our photographers, Trivium Studio, had submitted the photos on our behalf.

Needless to say... I was sworn to secrecy when it came to anything wedding day related. I wasn't even allowed to post 1 photo for you guys! Sooo sad :(

Just last week the issue was on newsstands in the surrounding areas. I was able to get three preview copies, but my family ran out and bought 6 more once it was on the shelves.

So without further adieu, I show you our 15 minutes of fame. I hope to share more of our big day in the coming months!

Practice Makes Perfect on Friday Night

Okay so I have to admit, I did not enjoy my rehearsal. AT ALL. Why? Because of nerves... it's that simple. I knew that I was going to be an emotional girl when this weekend came, and it was upon us. I hate to cry in front of other people. Heck I don't like to cry if front of Mr. L, but sometimes it's necessary. But on that evening it finally hit me... all of this was happening, and I was so nervous. I could barely talk to anyone. I must have had a goofy look on my face. I almost felt zombie like. I'm not sure if anyone picked up on this though.

But regardless, I made it through and we rehearsed the ceremony twice. The boys and girls knew where to go, and the family members knew where to sit. I loved my dress for the rehearsal. It even made an appearance on the wedding night!!

The boys all lined up.

My father also has a Flip.

Listening to Judge McMurran read parts of our ceremony.

Practicing the exchange of rings.

Check out that hand on hip, opposite hand flip action.
"Boy you don't know what you're getting yourself into"

My good friend Audrey practicing her reading.

The boys looking nice.

And the girls looking fabulous.

 Then we were off to eat (again). Not that I was complaining ;)

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